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      "Yes, Charlie was well. He would be along soon, with fresh messages from division headquarters. The battery was at last--Pardon?... Yes, the Callenders were well--he supposed! He had seen only Miss Anna, and her only for so brief an instant--"

      He bit his lip. She did not think of him; it was the duke and Lilias.

      The cost, continued the duke, was, if I remember[93] rightly, several hundred thousand poundslet us say, somewhere about half a million. That is of little consequence.

      Will you allow me to ask you a question or two, my lord?But there are so many beautiful women, she said. I have seen scores of them in the ball-rooms, great lady friends of yours. There is Lady Ada Lancing, for instance.

      "If it's any one's right it's yours."


      The men exchanged glances and their faces fell. It was all very well to value their Esmeralda at two thousand or two million, but it suddenly broke in upon them that they might not have even the paltry two hundred.Up at Odd Fellows' Hall a large company was organizing a great military fair. There the Callenders were awaited by Flora and Madame, thither they came, and there reappeared the General and his train. There, too, things had been so admirably cut and dried that in a few minutes the workers were sorted and busy all over the hall like classes in a Sunday-school.


      He was silent a moment, then he looked at her hand.


      The horses went fast, London was soon left behind, and the green lanes of Surrey reached. With every mile he felt as if[178] he were leaving his pastAdabehind him, and with every mile a sense of relief was increasing. Now and again he glanced at Esmeralda. She was quite motionless and breathing regularly, and he thought of the Sleeping Beauty. A childish fancy for so grave and world-worn a man, but a sweet one. He had been the prince to call that sleeping innocent soul of hers into life and love. The thought sent the blood coursing through his veins, and filled him with a new-born sense of joy. He thought of her, not her money; of the girl, not the millionairess, whom he had married to save the great house of which he would some day be the head. He had vowed to love and cherish her; whywhy should he not love her? The magazine, stored with delightful stories and clever illustrations, remained unread.Thats all right, said Norman.